Agricultural Water Conservation Loans

Texas Water Development Board approved the PGCD loan request in November 2016 for the amount of 1 million dollars. This program loans funds to farmers for more efficient irrigation equipment,with an interest rate of 1.86%.

In 1992, Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District began its agricultural water conservation loan program to assist qualifying farmers in financing their irrigation sprinklers when making the shift from row watering to pivots which use substantially less water.  Since then, loans totaling around $12,000,000 have been disbursed.  With an unprecedented low interest rate of 1.86% and a payback term of 8 years, interested applicants are encouraged to download an application or contact our office at (806) 883-2501.

2017 Application Tools

Loan Checklist
General Guidelines
Loan Application
Term Loan Request
Balance Sheet*
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